"Oh boy - where to begin?! I can't put into words how appreciative I am for Davin & Holly and their incredible talent. They are easy going and so attentive to even the smallest details! You can REALLY tell that their goal is to make your big day as perfect as possible, and to be able to look back at the images and feel the feelings over again! My mom has always been very into photography, so choosing a photographer for my wedding was a huge deal! Davin & Holly exceeded every expectation... from their genuine kindness, to their ability to get the perfect shot, to their quick responses & work... I couldn't be happier with our experience! These guys won't let you down!" - Kayla

"Davin and Holly were so awesome during and after our engagement shoot! I'm typically really shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera, but they are so easy going and warm that I immediately felt very comfortable! As far as style goes, they convey their easygoing personality into their images. That is exactly what I was hoping for in our photographer; someone that was not only super natural (in every sense of the word) but also produced natural—We felt natural, looked natural, and were literally surrounded by nature! Davin and Holly are great, and my fiancé and I are excited to work with them again on our wedding day! If you want laid back photographers, that have a great eye for highlighting the natural beauty of the earth and your surroundings, then you should really reach out to Davin and Holly! Oh and one last thing, my fiancé and I are still undecided about our date, but Davin and Holly have been so patient with us during this process, which I appreciate to no end! Thanks Davin and Holly!" - Jocelyne

"First of all, I need to say that if you are looking for a photographer for your special day, then stop searching for others and contact Davin & Holly! :) They are truly talented, kind and laid back people to work with! That's who I needed for my big day, especially when things didn't go the way I wanted ;) They did such an amazing job in a challenging position. I was not happy with my hair and makeup, but they were still able to create magic for our photos. Yay! And also, I am not the most organized person and my wedding was not very well planned, but they captured everything so beautifully- like magiciains! Every time my husband and I look at our wedding photos, we have big smiles on our faces as we love every single photo. They were the perfect couple to capture the moments with the beauty of nature around us. We are very satisfied that we chose them to capture our day. We would highly recommend them! Thanks Davin & Holly!" - Hanna

"Davin and Holly were so wonderful to work with, especially because they are so passionate about what they do! They took so many photos of our special day, and made sure we had exactly what we wanted. We got our pictures very quickly as well. They really put their personal touch on all of their photos, and you can see they genuinely care about making their clients happy! I don't know how they did it, but they captured our excitement and joy perfectly in every photo! We are so thankful they were able to be a part of our day!" - Ashlee

"Davin & Holly are amazing, creative photographers. They have an eye for unique settings and positioning and don't make you feel uncomfortable while taking the pictures, the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. Davin & Holly are very professional and are doing an amazing job at what they love. I will definitely be using them for any event coming up and suggest them to all of my friends and family." - Jenora



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